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  1. IIEQPro Versatile channel equalizer
    IIEQPro Versatile channel equalizer
    IIEQPro is the equalizer you would probably take with you on the proverbial island. View Details

  2. LP10 10 Band Flexible Phase Mastering EQ
    LP10 10 Band Flexible Phase Mastering EQ
    LP10 is your weapon of choice when you don't want to make any compromise in sound quality. Its FFT algorithm with a frequency resolution of 2.7 Hz at 44.1 kHz sampling frequency guarantees a smooth frequency response from the deepest bass all the way to top end. View Details

  3. NoLimits Limiter
    NoLimits Limiter
    Look-ahead limiter. Your weapon in the loudness war. Get your message out loud and clear, with the turn of just one knob... sounds simple? Sounds good! View Details

  4. StereooeretS Stereo Enhancer
    StereooeretS Stereo Enhancer
    Two-band stereo treatment: StereooeretS guarantees larger-than-life sounds without loosing punch in the low end. View Details

  5. 6144 Portico Style EQ
    6144 Portico Style EQ
    Unique gain-Q-interaction and custom made low- and high shelf filters make sure you can apply even extreme settings without getting harsh or muddy results. View Details

  6. LinComp Linear Phase Compressor
    LinComp Linear Phase Compressor
    Versatile linear phase 4-band mastering compressor. Multiband compression allows you to take care of the levels and response times of four frequency bands independently. View Details

  7. DirectionalEQ Stereo Field EQ
    DirectionalEQ Stereo Field EQ
    Taking stereo image manipulation to a new level. Traditional EQs influence the spectrum of the whole stereo field simultaneously. L/R or Mid-Side-EQs allow you to treat the two channels or the mid and the side signal simultaneously. DirectionalEQ takes this concept one big step further: now you can equalize all directions in the stereo field independently! View Details

  8. TheStrip EQ Gate Compressor
    TheStrip EQ Gate Compressor
    The Strip is the essential channel strip: the finest EQ, gate and compressor bundled in one beautifully designed plugin. Just slam this baby onto every channel in your project and you're all set. View Details

  9. Envelope True Stereo Reverb
    Envelope True Stereo Reverb
    So the goal was to create something that would add air without ever sounding harsh, create a rich 3D impression without losing the fine details of the stereo field, and still be light enough on the CPU to be used ad lib in a true mixing context. View Details